2 Sets of 30 Tons Tube Ice Machine with South Korea

Project Mainly Involve Products

1、2 sets of 30 tons tube ice machine with South Korea Standard

2、Ice screening system

3、90 tons tube ice drying and freezing system

4、14 tons tube ice storage bin, conveyor belts and lift conveyors and others. 

Project Purpose

Set up an ice factory to sell th cup ice 

Characteristics Of The Project Area

1. highest food grade ice making plant

2. fully automatic ice making, ice freezing and ice packing 

3. non-dust ice making workshop 

Characteristics of the project

1. automatic 

2. highest food grade

Customer Demand

1. 90 tons tube ice making 

2. automatic and highest food grade ice factory

Why Choose Us

1. CBFI is the only supplier in China now who could export the 30 tons tube ice machines to South Korea

2. CBFI supplys the South Korea standard machines for clients 

3. Sales people has the professional the intime services

Tube Ice Application

It has a hollow or solid cylinder that is widely used for beverage cooling in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.



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