3 Tons Ice Block Machine for Bayu Tunnel Entrance Project

The Concrete Cooling Projects Backgroup

At 9:50 on November 2, 2019, the Bayu Tunnel, a key control project of the Lhasa-Linzhi section of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway and classified as a first-level high-risk tunnel by the State Railway Group Corporation, was successfully opened. During the construction, the highest record of 7015 meters was dug in the plateau railway tunnel. Bayu Tunnel is currently the world’s strongest rockburst, the longest digging distance, and the deepest buried plateau railway tunnel in the world. It is called “the tunnel where stones fly like shells” in the industry, and the builders have defeated thousands of rockbursts. Threatening, safe through the entire tunnel.


The Concrete Cooling Projects Backgroup

 Project Mainly Involve Products

1、20tons Tube ice machine

2、1000kg Ice Bin

3、Ice cold room

4、2000L Ro water treatment

5、Ice crusher




Customer Type

Ice Boss

Customer Demand

The client hopes to build a medium-sized ice factory to cover the local ice cube business.

Why Choose Us

1. Our strong product production and processing capabilities ensure the quality of our products. 

2. Conducted a site survey on the customer’s plant to understand the details, and the customer was very satisfied with the design plan.

3. Customers visited our factory in Guangzhou.

Tube Ice Application

It has a hollow or solid cylinder that is widely used for beverage cooling in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.








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