2Set of 30tons Tube Ice Machine Plant and Ice Cold Storage, Philippines

Project Mainly Involve Products

 1、2 Sets of 30tons tube ice machine;

 2、2 Sets of Ice Cold Storages



Customer Type

Manufacturer of Pre-mixed Concrete

Customer Demand

The customer needs 60 tons of ice per day to cool the concrete.

Why Choose Us

1. The customer’s middleman comes to the factory and conducts a field visit. After comparing several manufacturers, he highly recognizes our company’s product quality and brand service

2. With after-sales service of CBFI Philippines subsidiry as a guarantee;

3. Members of the Philippine subsidiary have visited the client company many times to visit and establish trust;

4. Take the customer to the customer site in Manila for a visit.

Tube Ice Application

Tube Ices can be used for concrete cooling.It has a hollow or solid cylinder that is widely used for beverage cooling in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels. 



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