3 Sets 10tons Tube Ice Machine, Poland

Project Mainly Involve Products

1、3 Sets of 10tons tube ice machine;

2、Ice shaker

3、Conveyor belt and lift

4、Ice bin

5、Fast freezer 

6、Viberate belt



Customer Type

Ice Factory Boss

Customer Demand

1、3 sets of 10tons tube ice machine, 

2、Fast freezing ice and keep it in a good quality;

3、Machine must be beautiful;  

4、Fullfil automatice production line for saving labor.

Why Choose Us

Our tube ice production system is stable, the equipment output is less affected by the season, and can ensure the stable supply of ice tubes.  Fast freezing ice and our ice tube machine is in a good quality!

We provide professional ice plant planning and design, provide a full set of ice plant equipment, effectively reduce procurement costs, construction costs, production costs and operating costs.

Fullfil automatice production line for saving labor.

Ice Factory Location

in Wroclaw, Poland

Tube Ice Application

It has a hollow or solid cylinder that is widely used for beverage cooling in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.




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