50 Tons 24 Hours Tube Ice Machine and Cube Ice Machine Full-Automatic Plant

At 9:50 on November 2, 2019, the Bayu Tunnel, a key control project of the Lhasa-Linzhi section of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway and classified as a first-level high-risk tunnel by the State Railway Group Corporation, was successfully opened. During the construction, the highest record of 7015 meters was dug in the plateau railway tunnel. Bayu Tunnel is currently the world’s strongest rockburst, the longest digging distance, and the deepest buried plateau railway tunnel in the world. It is called “the tunnel where stones fly like shells” in the industry, and the builders have defeated thousands of rockbursts. Threatening, safe through the entire tunnel.


The Project Demand

Project Mainly Involve Products


Tube Ice Machine

There are three sets of 15 tons 24 hrs tube ice machine, which are working separately. The tube ice machines are using our mature technology and high quality components. Our special oil balance design and refrigerant cycle design are making sure the compressor and the whole system working smoothly.

Cube Ice Machine

There is one set of 5 tons 24 hrs cube ice machine. The machine is set up on an ice storage with screw system. As the inventor of cube ice machine, our product is more power effective with less land occupation.

Automatic Packing Ice Machine

The machine is specially invented for ice packing. After the test in our customer’s factory, if the ice bag is 15 kg, the ice packing speed reaches to 15 bags every min, it is 900 bags every hour. For a whole day, which is 24 hours, the total number goes to 21600 bags. The total weight is 324 tons.



Customer Type

Ice Saler

Customer Demand

Customer was bar owner, as the competition of the business is becoming fiercer. He finds out ice business is a new area, with less competition, and higher profit. And the labor cost in China is getting higher and higher, he wants to save the cost.  

Why Choose Us

Our ice production system is stable, the equipment output is less affected by the season, and the customer can ensure the stable supply of ice tubes.

We provide professional ice plant planning and design, provide a full set of ice plant equipment, effectively reduce procurement costs, construction costs, production costs and operating costs.

We already had installed about 10 large-scale projects which daily capacity over 100 tons both at home and abroad, and has a group of excellent technical service engineers to ensure the quality of installation and after-sales.



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