CBFI TV20 Tube Ice Machine Crystal 2 Ton / 24 Hours

Product Features

Tube Ice Application

  • Drink Cooling
  • Food Processing
  • Fishery
  • Food Preservation
  • Supermarket

Product Parameter

Product Details

Bitzer Compresor

Bitzer is a world famous brand whichhas a very good reputation. The quality of its compressor is ensured.

Stainless Steel Evaporator

Evaporator is the kernel of tube ice machine. Using 360┬░automatic welding machine, weld is compact and flat without gap. Refrigerant and water

Ice Mold

Stainless steel 304 outer cylinder evaporator, improve the cold exchange performance. And the material is food standard. The water is clean for ice making.

Pressure Gauge and Pressure Release Valve

To ensure the safety, we use the two components to keep the pressure within the permission.

Quality Control