CBFI TV300 Tube Ice Machine Crystal 30 Ton / 24 Hours

Product Features

Tube Ice Application

  • Drink Cooling
  • Food Processing
  • Fishery
  • Food Preservation
  • Supermarket

Product Parameter

Product Details

Parallel Compressor Design

Our R&D team designed special parallel compressor system, compressors is precisely controlled.

Ice Cutter

The ice cutting procedure is carefully designed, the new design ice cutter makes less crashed ice.

Insulated Gas-liquid Seperator

It is used to protect the compressor from liquid slugging, and we enhanced the efficiency by using better isulated material to cover it.

Pressure Gauge and Pressure Release Valve

To ensure the safety, we use the two components to keep the pressure within the permission.

Oil Balance

Self-designed balance system ensures the machine operating in a efficient way. Compressor oil is always kept in an acceptable level.

Oil Reservoir

High   and  low  level     observation windows are set for monitoring.

Large Capacity Refrigerant Reservoir

Observation windows are set for different level. Higher capacity allows the reservoir to store more refrigerant.

Quality Control