Cold Room Storage Series

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We Are is the world’s leading manufacturer of the cold room like medical cold room, fish cold room, fruit vegetable cold room and other application cold room. and we are endowed with many years of experience in the R&D research in this type of machine and put a lot of investment in it

  1. Cold Room Storage

With market-leading expertise, we offer our customers high-tech cold room solutions that can be used anywhere and can save you on installation and maintenance costs. The cold room that we provide can offer the best protection for perishable goods with efficient operation and long service life. In addition, our machines can be updated in the future to further extend your investment life. With extensive experience and expertise in refrigeration solutions, CBFT has become a qualified and trusted manufacturer of cold room.

  1. Cold Room Storage Application

The cold room has a wide range of application such as fruit, vegetable, fish, meat preservation. It proves to be the best food preservation solution with its fast freezing time and great thermal installation performance.


If refrigerators come to mind when you think about cold storage, it’s pretty close, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Cold storage is also about everything that has to do with refrigeration, like room insulation, drainage, room design, and construction, which we all handle as part of our services.

They can be used for anything if a client needs a place cold place to store something. Usually they are perishables like food, or temperature sensitive items, like blood or medicine. Cold rooms are also used in the IT industry, which uses them as a place to store their servers.

Depending on the needs of the client, they can request if a particular room needs to be fireproofed.

It depends on your requirements. The colder it is the more expensive and advanced it will be. It’s alsomore difficult to maintain lower temperatures, therefore most will also use it together with temperature control.

Yes, but the degree of sealing depends on the needs of the client. For example, hospitals and labs need their cold storage rooms fully sealed and secured so whatever they are storing in their rooms will not be contaminated or vice versa. For supermarkets, all they need is a room to keep the cold in.

If there is any damage to the structure or equipment, please contact our  ftersales for a cold storage professional as soon as possible.

They can practically be installed anywhere, although some locations will be better than most.

Temperature control is maintaining an area’s temperature to a specific degree. The system is automatic so it adjust to any internal or external changes in the environment.

Again, that depends on the situation. Some circumstances require precise and constant temperature
control, especially in cases where the slightest change in temperature can be disastrous. Most of the
time, this concerns hospitals and labs.