Cube Ice Machine Series

Product Details

Cube ice is cuboid, also called ‘granular ice’. The whole ice cube is thick, transparent, beautiful, and has a long storage period and is not easy to melt. Cube ice is widely used in food, cold drinks, ice cube wholesale and retail, and pharmaceutical laboratories, etc.

  1. Cube ice used in cold

In bars, hotels, cold drink shops, KTV and other places, cube ice is added to cold drinks, which is deeply loved by people.

  1. Ice cube machine in convenience

As one of the types of ice factory wholesale and retail ice, cube ice is particularly suitable for packaging and retailing and wholesale to hotels, supermarkets, cold drink shops and other places where ice is needed because of its beautiful appearance and not easy to melt.

Cube Ice machine

Large-scale edible cube ice machine is a large-scale production of edible cube ice making equipment. The produced cube ice is clean, hygienic and crystal clear. It is widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks shops, etc. place.

Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration(CBFI) is the creator of large-scale edible ice cube machines. It has a core invention patent (patent number: 200710030591.7). It uses self-developed flat-wall liquid film heat exchange and circulating hot air ice extraction technologies to change the defects that small ice cube machines have, which are low production capacity, high power consumption, uneven ice thickness, and unstable ice removal. At the same time, we provide a one-stop solution for a fully automated large-scale edible cube ice production line to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. The system ensures the safety and sanitation of edible ice in all aspects. Icesource refrigeration large-scale edible cube ice machine is the first choice for your edible ice factory.


380~420V/50Hz/3P or 220~240V/ 60Hz/3P, single phase is not available, if you need special power supply design, pleaase inform us with clear information so we can add additional devices.

Firstly, do some marketing investigation to decide how big capacity machine you. Secondly you need to check that if there is clean water and power supply for the machine. If the power supply is not stable, many customers consider to equip power generator. As for water, it is better to equip water treatment to make pure water, filling inside machine to make ice.

We provide you 1 year of warranty and oversea engineering service is available.

 It can be bigger, but not infinite. Please ask our technical department to calculate the size as the standard;

 The ice bin of the cube ice machine is all insulated, and there is a 20mm thick insulation material on the outside of the ice bin. It is recommended that the ice bin with an output of less than 5 tons of ice cube machines does not exceed 8 hours of storage. It is recommended that the storage capacity of more than 5 tons should not exceed 4 hours.

1~5ton, 30 days since the deposit arrived at our account, 5~20 ton, 45 days. (based on the electricity 380V/50Hz/3p, some special design lead time will be longer )

12 months since the deliver date.

  • We will send our professional technician to install the machine
  • Free of charges for installations service.