Intelligent Cold Room Units

CYL Series Intelligent Cold Room Units With Compact Design 

Intelligent Cold Room Unit is touchscreen controlled cold room unit. It is easy to install, and easy to use. There are two types of intelligent cold room unit, wall-mounted and separated. These kind of cold room unit is suitable for small size cold room. The power is from 2HP to 8 HP.

 Product Features 

  • Defrosting water automatic evaporating system.
  • The electronic expansion valve throttles for efficient operation.
  • Inner grooved copper tubes are used in the condenser and evaporator for efficient condensation and evaporation.
  • Unique mandatory defrosting mode design, avoiding the evaporator side frost-free dry.
  • Integral box-type structure is adopted to avoid the quick aging of the equipment, electric appliances and wires.
  • Self diagnostic. Automatic adjustment occurs according to the ambient and inside temperature and humidity.
  • Intelligent defrosting. Various defrosting methods: air defrosting, four-way valve defrosting and electronic expansion valve defrosting. Defrosting methods switch automatically according to the cold room temperature and ambient temperature.
    Defrosting time and power consumption reduces greatly. And the cold room temperature rising is under control in minimum range. Multiple defrosting safeguards system ensures safe defrosting and the unit’s steady operation.
  • Unique low pressure compensation system during four-way valve defrosting.
  • International brand accessories are adopted to control technological process.
  • Convenient installation, plug and play, time-saving and labor-saving. No need welding and water pipes connecting during installing

Cold Room Panel

There are three kinds of surface material for chosen, stainless steel, aluminium plate and color steel. The thickness of panel are 50 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm. You may choose the surface panel and thickness based on your requirements.

Wall-mounted Intelligent Cold Room Unit

This unit is installed on the wall of the cold room. We provide wall panel with window for the installation. Thus, it is easy to install. There is no need for welding.

Separated Cold Room Unit

The air cooler is seperated from the other parts of the unit. The connection is using copper connector, like the one in air conditioner. So the installation is as easy as installing an air conditioner.

Pressure Monitoring

Good quality pressure gauge is used for pressure monitoring. And pressure protector is used to avoid pressure damage.

Layout Intelligent Cold Room Units