Block Ice Machine Series

Product Details

Block Ice

Block ice is the largest of all ice products. It has a small contact area with the outside world when the weight is the same, and it is not easy to melt. It is suitable for ice factories in ports and docks, food processing, aquatic product preservation, cooling, long-distance transportation, aquatic products, food preservation, It can be used for cooling and cooling in special fields, for ice sculpture viewing, and for edible ice fields. After crushing, it can be used in all places where ice is used.

Automatic Block Ice Machine

The automatic block ice machine is a block ice production equipment. CBFI automatic block ice machine evaporator is made of aluminum alloy with high efficiency and heat conduction. And it can be directly and efficiently exchanged with the refrigerant. The freezing temperature is low, the ice making speed is fast. The automatic block ice machine has a high degree of automation, automatic water replenishment, automatic ice making, and automatic ice harvest, without manual operation. The automatic block ice machine does not need to use salt water, and the ice mold does not need to be replaced for long-term use. The equipment is safe and environmentally friendly. The ice is clean and hygienic, and can meet the edible standard. Modular design, simple operation, small floor space, convenient installation, ice can be made by connecting water and electricity on site.

Why choose our Direct Cooling ice block making machine ?

  1. Deicing

    • Water deicing + water recycling, from deicing smoothly to time, saving deicing time and electricity cost.
    • The deicing system of the refrigeration system adopts a single working condition design, and the system is stable, avoiding compressor damage, poor oil return of the unit, low pressure and other problems, making it more
  2. Evaporator processing

    • Specially designed evaporator, side evaporator reinforcement ribs, the evaporator adopts screw + welding processing method to ensure that it will never be
    • The evaporator of the automatic ice block making machine adopts a serrated flow channel design to increase the heat exchange area and high ice making
  3. Operation automation and convenience

    Simple installation and easy operation. Fully automatic operation includes automatic water injection, automatic ice removal, automatic ice transportation, saving labor.

  1. Value-added

    • Intelligent cloud control of the Internet of Things, with a high degree of
    • Professional team provides an automatic warehousing combination